Fritz Martin creates beautiful handcrafted luxurious millwork for kitchens, baths, and built-ins throughout your home. Each and every original design is brought to life in our workshop by an elite team of expert cabinet makers who infuse passion for the craft, and countless years of passed forward experience, with a mastery of the expert technical knowledge required in order to create what is simply the finest millwork available.

With a commitment to ensuring that every aspect of your millwork is of the finest quality, Fritz Martin sources only premium products and raw materials from a range of high-end reputable distributors. From domestically sourced solid hardwoods, and finishes, to Italian veneers and Austrian hardware. Fritz Martin curates the complete experience with stunning results.

From design inspiration through the final installation, Fritz Martin delivers unsurpassed and un-compromised quality.


Fritz Martin is proud to design and manufacture all our millwork at our workshop where the traditional joinery of the past meets the technical innovations of the present. Mortis & Tenon dowel set doors, miter locked frames, and finishes rubbed out by hand to perfection is what you can expect when Fritz Martin is stamped on the drawer. These techniques may take longer and cost more, but the results are well worth it.
Fritz Martin employs only the finest designers and cabinetmakers whose passion for their craft is proudly displayed in each and every beautiful handmade creation. In order to offer a truly bespoke kitchen design service, we provide a curated selection of accent woods, worktops and hardware.


Fritz Martin does not have a one-size-fits-all approach to the design process. The design consultation is all about us listening to you and your
wishes, your practical considerations, your desired aesthetic and translating that meeting into your homes new beautiful custom cabinetry.
Our design values of symmetry, proportion, and simplicity guides each of our projects, but so does the personality and character of the home and the people who will live there. If you look at our design you will see these themes of symmetry, proportion and simplicity underpinning each space we create, but the personality of the homeowners, and the heritage of their home is what shines through.

Once your drawings are ready, we’ll invite you in to our showroom for the design presentation where we will share with you the plan and elevation drawings for your project. We will then take your feedback and make revisions accordingly, until the final design is everything you hoped it would be. Once the final design is approved, and the finishes and interior options are selected, we can then prepare you an accurate proposal. Through out the entire process, we work in an open and collaborative way with our clients, in order to ensure they are getting everything they wish for.


Renowned for exceptional service at every stage of the design, build, and installation process; Fritz Martin’s dedicated team work’s tirelessly to ensure that each customer receives a terrific experience. The number of people and organizations involved in bringing a project to fruition is vast and experience has shown us that having designated representatives from Fritz Martin at each stage of the project ensures that the installations proceed in an organized, timely and smooth manner.