Renderings are a powerful tool that can be extremely helpful in making your final design and finish decisions. Once you think you are happy with your CAD drawings, and have chosen the finishes you desire, as well as your appliances, plumbing fixtures, counter tops, hardware, wall colors, ceiling design, and lighting fixtures, we choose an angle that you would best show your kitchen, as if you were taking a picture from that angle.

We then take that information, and use it in order to create a computer model that accurately shows the shape, size, and scale of all your selections. At this stage, you can make design changes in order to achieve the exact end result you are looking for.

We then use a state of the art software program that our designer uses in order to create a life like image that reflects the design and finishes you have selected. At this point, you can use the image so as to tweak the design and finishes in order to get the exact end result you are trying to achieve.

In this case, our client decided that she wanted to add puck lighting in each of her open shelves. So we altered the rendering to reflect the change.

After settling on a design our client loved, she was no longer sure that the color scheme was what she really wanted, so again, we altered the colors to reflect the new color scheme she had chosen.

Finally, after living with the design for a few days, our client decided that she wanted the hood in her kitchen to appear more subtle, so she directed us to change the wood finish to white.